Thursday, April 28, 2011

New Research study of Prevention of diabetes

One of diseases that people currently concern is “Diabetes mellitus”. This kind of disease has been involving people in any ages, means that both young and older people can get diabetes. Moreover, there have a belief for their parents or grandparents have diabetes, it also affects their generation to suffer the same fate. Actually, this is not completely true because the diabetes can be prevented and stop by doing some preventive measures and good lifestyle as well. Here are some ways about diabetes prevention

Researcher showed that the incidence of diabetes mellitus still continues to dramatically increase with the American Diabetic Association estimating that 81 million Americans are currently either diabetic or prediabetic. Diabetes mellitus is a relentless disease. Mostly, the complications of diabetes are extensive due to the progressive damage to the body's entire circulatory system. People with diabetes have a greater risk of developing any diseases like heart disease and/or hardening of the arteries.

According to the World Book Encyclopedia, the average adult human body contains approximately 96,500 kilometers (60,000 miles) of blood vessels. All of your blood vessels are essential to your health because they provide the transportation network that allows your blood to carry nutrients and oxygen to each of your cells. Your network of blood vessels also allows your blood to remove waste products from all of your cells. That is why, blood vessel is very important to be maintained by people who suffer diabetes type 2 in particular. Read two common types of diabetes
Meanwhile, some one reason how diabetes can develop into our body and the main factors is from eating much sugar which can raise level of blood sugar as well as refined carbohydrates than your body can properly use. In fact, your body is forced to produce and release insulin so frequently that one or both of the following conditions may arise:
  1. Your pancreas may not be able to produce enough insulin to effectively deal with your sugar and refined carbohydrate intake.
  2. Your cells may become resistant to the effects of insulin.
One or both of these conditions will eventually lead to a high blood sugar level, which over the long term, will dramatically increase your risk of developing blockages in your network of blood vessels. The best way for reducing your risk of developing diabetes can be read here and be alert to maintain your body regularly by doing important things.

Recent study said that development of insuline resistance has a link to immune system which may help drive diabetes type 2. "The main point of this study is trying to shift the emphasis in thinking of type 2 diabetes as a purely metabolic disease, and instead emphasize the role of the immune system in type 2," said study co-author Dr. Daniel Winer, an endocrine pathologist at Toronto General Hospital in Canada. When the research began, Winer was a postdoctoral fellow at Stanford University in California. The less common form of the disease, type 1 diabetes, occurs when the immune system mistakenly destroys the insulin-producing beta cells in the pancreas. This type of diabetes is considered an autoimmune disease, and isn't linked to how much a person weighs. Although the causes of type 2 haven't been clear, it's known that the disease runs in families, suggesting a genetic component. Also, while type 2 is strongly linked to increased weight, not everyone who is overweight gets type 2 diabetes. Read more here to get deep explanation

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